August has arrived, and thus the second half of summer began. Summer has gotten off to somewhat of a slow start, with no routine established until mid July. Traveling to Korea for the first time was awesome, and a truly memorable experience; however, it ranked a meager 4.5/10 on my scale of productivity.

Since arriving back home I have established routines of running (in the desperate preparation for cross country) and working. It is worrying to me that it took me a month to settle into a groove. Everything — physical training, academic work, my job, service projects — has kicked into hyperdrive. The common theme so far in August has been the search for more ways to be productive.

The baseball team that I play for during the summer does not have a good chance to make it to the finals of our league, so my time with them will most likely be short-lived. I have been searching for more opportunities to play baseball, but there are limited options where I live. The team is fun, yet somewhat unsuccessful in competition. For me, the state of the team is completely fine, seeing as it means more playing and reps on my part.

I have long been planning to start some sort of a contact/support group for children who have Moyamoya disease. However, I have been having trouble actually getting the idea from my head into reality. As with every other ambitious endeavor, there is a large gap between a concept and a real life achievement.

Despite not creating anything of tangible value, I have not given up hope. Very recently, a fellow Moyamoya warrior named Alice has approached me with ideas similar to my own. The plan is to work together to accomplish some of our shared visions. She will be making appearances on this blog, which I am looking forward to. I believe that it is important to have multiple inputs and point of views. While I am on the topic, I would like to mention that I have also been planning to add more and more “guest appearances” on the blog, not necessarily just from Alice.

One of the things that I am excited about, or pleased with, is my work this summer. I am working as a chess teacher/coach at various locations with the organization Chess NYC. It is great to be able to use my skills as a chess player (my chess rating — not ranking, look it up — is 1962) to help others.

In addition, I am going to post on this blog at least twice a week. The plan is to upload a post every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. This will allow me to talk about what is happening during the week as well as a retrospective view. Although I will DEFINITELY post on Wednesdays and Saturdays, I will occasionally post during the rest of the week in the event that something of interest occurs.

Thanks for reading!



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