Hello Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Living with Moyamoya. I have been blogging for almost three weeks now, and the site has gotten off to a pretty good start. I have written about a wide variety of topics, ranging from my own experience diagnosis to recovery to my brother’s broken ankle. Although I do believe in a free-spirited, not necessarily scheduled medium, it is not easy coming up with ideas of what to post every Wednesday and Saturday.

Regarding the blog, there are several things on my to-do list. Firstly, I need to figure out ways to branch out and get the maximum audience and therefore awareness. I am not sure how to approach this, but have recently found out that this blog will be featured on Stanford’s Moyamoya website. This is great news for me, as it helps ease the always pressing issue of networking.

This blog has also been difficult to manage for me, especially in regard to minute details. I have had problems managing comments (there currently are not any), sub-sections of my blog such as the About. Please, please, PLEASE let me know what problems you notice so I can try my best to fix them.

In addition, I need to figure out the overall direction of this blog in the coming months. I have been thinking a lot about the different forms this blog could assume. I could focus primarily on my own experiences within the realm of Moyamoya-related activity. There is also the potential for this website to act as a regular blog, about my current goings-on with the occasional Moyamoya post. Another idea that I had was for the blog to function as a hub for Moyamoya news or gatherings, although there are already outlets such as this.

This post is more of an update than anything, but its success is dependent on the replies of you readers. I would love feedback about how to:

  1. Change the Website (perhaps the format)
  2. Alter the scheduling/direction of my blog (if necessary)
  3. Improve in general


Thank you for reading, and my email is under the “Contact” tab.


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