This year, my family and I drove down to Maryland to visit my Grandma, Grandpa, and cousins. I had a great time, and especially enjoyed spending time with my Grandparents and Maryland cousins, neither of which I see often during the year. I also played with my two baby cousins, both cute little boys at ages 2 and 4.

Having quality family time this Thanksgiving made me truly appreciate how lucky I am. Nobody from my Dad’s side of the family had passed away yet, and all were healthy and happy. Looking around the table at a lively, charismatic, and loving family at dinner on Wednesday — a delicious, highly anticipated crab feast — gave me a deep sense of gratefulness.

I am most thankful for my family’s supportive and fiercely loyal nature. During the undoubtedly roughest point in my life, when I was diagnosed and treated for Moyamoya disease, my family stood with me. My uncle helped spend time with my siblings while my parents — both sources of happiness and good in my life — flew with me to Stanford. My Grandpa, then the head of the Anesthesiology department at John’s Hopkins Hospital, allowed my case and MRI’s to be seen by one of the country’s leading experts on Moyamoya, Dr. Lori Jordan. The rest of my family, as well as my friends, provided immense love and support for me during my surgeries and treatment, and made my experience with Moyamoya immeasurably better. Without them, I would not be who I am today.

Not to say that Thanksgiving is the only time during the year to be thankful, but it certainly brought to my attention all to that there is to appreciate. I tend to forget about and take for granted things that I should be grateful for, and things that I rely upon every day. In the midst of a fairly busy and preoccupied life, it is easy to ignore the factors that contribute to success.

To my family — especially my beloved Mom and Dad — and my friends that support and love me, thank you.





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